February 2024

Social Group Change

As of February 2024 We have decided to merge our Mac and CU Wednesday groups. There will be one group known as the CU Wednesday group and it will run on the third Wednesday of each month.

If you were on the mailing list for either of these groups you will still continue to receive your monthly invite letter.

Subsidised taxis are still available for £6.00 per journey.

April 2023

MAC Group

The next meeting of the Mac Group will be Wednesday 19th April at 1.30pm. The meeting will be held in room 1 on the fifth floor of MEA House.

The speaker this month is Gordon Norrie from Dogs Trust. He will be discussing the past, present and future of Dogs Trust and bringing along a one of the dogs to meet everyone.

If you would like to attend subsidised taxis are available for the usual cost of £6.00 per journey.

We hope to see you there.