November 2020

National Eye Research Centre

At the National Eye Research Centre, we have done some research that shows that not enough people living with eye conditions get to hear about eye research. We also know that recruiting patients to clinical trials is a real challenge for researchers which means that, at times, what could be promising research goes nowhere.

We want to change all this, because finding new solutions for visual impairment is critical, and we know how empowering and hopeful it can be to know that scientists and clinicians are working to find better ways to diagnose, care for, and treat eye conditions. Better still, that we can all play a part in finding solutions.

In order to create better information channels, we are asking for the views of individuals directly affected by eye conditions, and also their carers’. We have created a survey which we are circulating to patients support groups across the UK, and also to the general public. You can find the link to the survey below:

The survey is anonymous and we will send a summary to any participating group once the results have been received. Hard copies and large print copies of the survey can be provided, please contact Newcastle Vision Support.

National Eye Research Centre website link: