Jane Armstrong ran 10k on the 6th of October at Kielder to help raise money for NVS

Jane’s story

My name is Jane, I am 44, married to Rob, mother to two lovely girls, busy career within waste management.

After losing the ability to read and see clearly from one eye, I had surgery at the RVI having found out I had several Macular holes in the retina. This was classed as very rare in my age group and my daughters are now being monitored for it.

The operation entailed a cataract removal with an implant to replace my normal contact lense as well as a gas bubble inserted into the eye which would disperse over a 12 week period.

This was a frightening experience and made me think about people less fortunate with worse cases of vision loss and I wanted to help.

I have been fortunate to have partial success from the operation, but I do get frustrated as familiar faces are often distorted and reading a book is a challenge. My heart goes out to others that have any form of visual impairment.