Vision Support Workers

This service is a joint project working in partnership with Sight Service and has been funded for five years through the Big Lottery.

We have two Vision Support Workers: Judith Robinson and Jacqui Smith. They are a part of a team providing high quality services, training and support to visually impaired people.

They enable sight impaired individuals to do for themselves those basic day to day tasks that they would otherwise have to ask another person to do for them.  Working for a set period of time (up to 12 weeks) they will equip visually impaired people with information about the services, equipment, opportunities and training which is available locally and nationally and support the individual to greater independence, increased dignity and improved health and wellbeing.

The outcomes are:

  • To help to reduce isolation by accessing a range of social, education and training activities, to meet new people and to learn new skills.
  • To improve health and wellbeing by providing information around training and support to be able to access and use a range of equipment and to assist with daily living skills in the home and within the community.
  • To provide advice and guidance on benefits, concessions and allowances.
  • To signpost and refer to external organisations when appropriate.
  • To listen to what is important to the individual and to tailor a support plan to meet the identified needs.

Eccentric Viewing for macular conditions:

Macular degeneration causes a loss of central vision, Eccentric viewing training can help you to use your peripheral vision more effectively by encouraging the use of the healthiest parts of your vision.

This technique does not work for everyone and involves commitment from the individual to learn, with support from our Vision Support Workers.

For further information contact – Jacqui and Judith who work Tuesday to Friday inclusive 10.00am to 4.00pm – 0191 2327292.