Empowerment Project

Empowerment is Newcastle Vision Support’s project to empower older people with a visual impairment in the Newcastle area.

The project empowers people, reduces isolation, and helps them to feel more confident and take a more active part in their communities in Newcastle. The project has 3 main areas:


  • Campaigning to make the city of Newcastle more accessible and inclusive for people with sight loss.
  • Helping people to advocate for themselves, for example helping them to write to their local Councillor or MP regarding matters they are concerned about.
  • We also run the North East action on Transport group (NEAT) which campaigns on access matters relating to public transport for visually impaired people across the North East. For more information about NEAT, please click here.

Activities which are not just social:

  • We run a history group where people can learn about local history.
  • We offer people the chance to take part in research projects run by local organisations such as Newcastle University and Northumbria University.
  • We occasionally work with local art galleries to enable our members to access exhibitions.

IT training and support:

  • We offer IT training and support to enable people to access computers, tablets and smart phones.
  • We run a weekly tablet class to train people how to use a tablet computer with magnification or speech software.
  • We also offer a home visiting service to train people how to use a computer at home.

For more information about our IT service, please click here