Wylie Cards

Wylie cards are a very valuable tool for blind and visually impaired people. They contain images for what it is like to view Newcastle’s Quayside with full vision as well as allowing someone to view what it is like with certain eye conditions. There are six in total, which cover the six most common eye conditions, so there will be one that will be close to representing what your eye condition looks like to you. They are credit card sized so easy to carry around with you wherever you go.

It is often hard to answer the question “What can you see?” You may not know what there is to see. These cards can be used to show sighted people what the world may look like to you. It helps to break down barriers and build awareness around visual impairment. The cards can help create a better understanding for sighted people and how they can help support blind and visually impaired people.

If you would like to purchase these cards, or posters, then please get in touch with NVS.

Please go to the Wylie Card Pictures page to see the images. For information on the background of the Wylie Cards please go to the following link History page

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Email: info@newcastlevisionsupport.org.uk