About Newcastle Vision Support

Who we are

Our organisation was founded  in 1867.  Our ethos is “to help visually impaired people to become and to remain independent through information and learning activities, keeping in touch with people services, social groups and empowerment work.”

We are a completely independent local society proudly serving over 1,000 visually impaired people in Newcastle.

Our aims include:

  • Providing support to enable people to remain or stay independent.
  • Ensure visually impaired people feel part of and involved in an inclusive and understanding community.
  • Empower people to know and understand their rights and to take part in community life in Newcastle.
  • To ensure all our activities are led by the needs of visually impaired people.

To achieve this we offer practical and emotional support through learning and social activities.

Through our regular newsletters and our website we are able to keep you up to date on useful information and our events diary.